SM Ent Loses More Than $60 Million In Just 2 Days After Dropping Jessica, Will they Bounce back This Time? See What people are saying…



After dropping Jessica from SNSD, SM has lost more than $60 Million dollars so far in just a few days. Many netizens are saying, they may have been able to recover in the past, but they have now hit every single one of their groups, except SHINee.

"…They will milk EXO even more now to get that money back! be prepared for Kai breaking another bone. It’s SM we’re talking about, making money is their specialty, they will find a way to get that money back, no matter who they’re going to have to sacrifice

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2014 was the the year the k-pop industry confused The Hunger Games for an instruction DVD

Dear SM Ent,


Sulli: I'm sick of this.I want to quit.
Sm: Nooo.Lets just say that you're on a hiatus.You can come back anytime you want.
Jessica: I want to stay.
Sm: Nope.


People just joining the kpop fandom right when the Jessica vs sm shit was going down were probably just like…


Girls’ Generation Will Continue As 8

They just fucking said it all. There. I so agree.

How can SM take such care of their MAIN group? How?

How do you drop someone who has literally given you 14, FOURTEEN, years of your life?

How can you handle such a shitty situation like ‘meh whatever’?

How can you treat like this a group that could have given you a freaking legacy for kpop in HISTORY? The Most popular girl group of the WORLD. Literally.

Did you even think about HOW you’re gonna make the girls’ image familiar like it always has been now that they’re 8? Now that you lack a member? Not one person in SNSD isn’t relevant. They all are, dear God.

Just how?

And funny thing is, this isn’t even the first time such shitty management of the situation happens. Not even.

SM, I fucking hope the girls let go of you and start on their own like Shinhwa. I so do. Because it would be probably one of the best victories fans will have against you. I swear.

" From the start, all I ever wanted was to protect SNSD. Nothing else but that. I’m sorry to make you suffer like this. From now on, I’ll work hard to make sure only good things happen. "


*When 2k14 started*


*Few weeks later*



"Super Junior will now promote as 11"

"DBSK will now promote as 2"

"EXO will now promote as 11"

"f(x) will now promote as 4"

"SNSD will now promote as 8"

"SHINee w-


/ Naruto Uzumaki Pointing Finger